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Track snapped back to reality as the republic gunship swooped in over the battle in the geonosis arena. Ships were landing all around the arena complex and the fighting was already intensely going on the surface below them. Tianara was down there but Track couldn't allow himself to realize that he might never see her again. He had to focus on the task at hand, the jedi still left inside the arena complex, all the droids and some savages looking beasts in there. The ship shook violently as blasterbolts bounced off its shields, turning to drop of its cargo of Jedis and clones. As the transporter toke of the shields gave in and the ship exploded in a cloud of fire and smoke.
Track thanked the force for letting him and the clones get off before the fatal end, but he didn't have time to linger, out of the corner of his eye he caught sight of a creature on all fours, with quills on its back and a gruesome smile, stalking a clone in cover from a fallen pillar, fighting of a squad of droids almost single handedly. "Look out!" Track shouted and he tapped into the force and warned the clone. The clone stood and turned just in time to see the beast pounce at him, throwing him over the pillar, losing his helmet and landed on the ground with a thud. Track wanted to help but his shout had cause attention to shift to him and he had to defend himself.
The Nexu towered over the clone on the ground, placing a clawed paw on the chest armor placing the weight on the clones torso, growling down to him. The clone groaned under the weight, looking up into the beasts eyes. Blood pouring from the four gashes on the right side of his head, he was lucky it hadn't torn his face off. He took a firm grip on his rifle with both hands, placing the muzzle in the dirt and used it as a spring pole to get the creature of him and get on his feet in a swift motion firing several shots into the beast, making sure it didn't come after him or his brothers again. Two of his colleagues joined him from their cover, one placing a hand on his shoulder.
"You okay?" He nodded and answered. "There is more clankers needing recycling, let's go boys" The nexus paw had left a mark on his armor, he was no longer a shiny rookie and if he made it of geonosis alive he decided to make it a permanent mark on his armor.
Track turned when there was a slight pause in the battle, the Nexu was dead, and the three clones were running towards him, one bleeding severely from his head.
"Sir!" The bleeding clone saluted him quickly before standing down.
"Are you all right soldier?" Track asked. "It's nothing Sir, thanks for the shout" the clone replied
"What's your number?"
"CT – 1122"
"Great we need to get you and your men up and out of this pit, we're sitting ducks down here"
"Sir?" one of the clone tilted his head a bit "Ducks are bad?"
Track couldn't help but smile "The sitting kind are. Let's go"
They fought their way into the complex. "Sir! We've found something!" called one of the clones the rest follow into an open area, with loads of machines and conveyer belts. "Trooper, I think you just found the heart of the base, nicely done" Track commended the clone, all he did was nod. "We need to make as much damages as we can"
The four men spread out. Track put his blade into a control panel and started to walk slicing open the wall with all the electricity, lights began to flicker and the conveyer belt gave out, with a satisfied smile he jumped onto it just as a blue blasterbolt shot right past his ear, there was a thud behind him as a geonosian fell to the ground dead. He quickly turn chopping of the arm of another it made a horrible screeching sound before he with a easy movement cut through its neck severing the head from the body. But the screeching had alerted more of them and they were now flocking to take their chance with the jedi.
"8943! Let's go, the kid's in trouble!"
The two troopers quickly started to climb the wall.
"Stripe cover us!" Under the cover fire the two clones reached the top ready to fight of the bugs, the jedi had his hands full so the two of the just began blasting of the nasty buggers, it was a easy task with 8943's Z-6 rotary blaster cannon.
Out of breath the jedi greeted them with a smile.
"Thank you, now let's get out of here" He clicked the hilt back into place on his belt lifting the two troopers back down before jumping himself, easing the landing with the help of the force. Track lead the way out of the arena and into the dessert.
"1122! We need to get airborne, so we can see what's going on out there." The 'unmasked' clone activated is wrist comlink. "1485, Get a LAAT to my position ASAP. It's coming sir" he then said to the jedi blasting a battledroid. The small group had to defend themselves yet again. It was chaotic and Track had to calm his mind as the rush of the battles pulsed in his veins urging him on. He was quickly brought back as the gunship flew into view, doors opened, disposing of the remaining droids.
Ichys smiled as she saw the fierceness with which her Padawan fought.
"Pilot, take care of the droid so we can pick them up"
"Yes Ma'm"
With a gust of sand the ship landed and the small group climbed onboard. A medic quickly tended to the open wounds on 1122s face but he tried to wave him of, the boy couldn't help but smile before he turned to his master. The ship took off.
"Master how are we faring in the battle?"
Her green eyes pierced him.
"They were clearly surprised by the vast numbers we have collected to support us, most of their core-ships have fail to reach the command centers. The droids are in full retreat all we have to do is finish the jobs"
The boy nodded.
"We have taken care of the power supply to the droid factories, they shouldn't be able to make any droids there now"
"Well done, but I fear that this battle is only the beginning"
Well I realized that I had a few chapters lying around and that I have neglected this story a bit. But I have had very much on my plate lately so I though I would treat you guys to a few chapters that are done all ready :)

here we meet my oc clone Beast for the first time and this is how he got his scars :) I hope you like it.

please don't be a stranger, if you like og fav my art, please comment

more chapters can be found here : [link]
PurpleWillowTrees Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
i'm liking this so far please continue ^^
ThomasBlack1 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks there are more chapters in the link should you be interrested :)
PurpleWillowTrees Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
great! thanx ^^
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