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dotw aryn Track by ThomasBlack1
dotw aryn Track
For :icondomain-of-the-wolf:

To submit your application for review, link your finished application in a join request to the group, with this form filled out:

Character Application: Track
Pack applying to: Aryn
Link to your application:
Other: He could be old in the pack or new I'm open for anything XD

Once your character is on it's reference sheet, please put the following in the artist comments of your deviation:

Age: Young adult
Gender: Male
Height: 35''
Weight: 100 lbs
Build: Long legs and broad heavy set chest, a big boy even for a young adult.

Territory: Aryn
Family: N/A
Rank: New to the pack (omega)
Personality: Track is a patient soul, calm, kind and friendly, he might seem older and wiser for his age, but there is a lot of insecurity and doubt hidden beneath his wise exterior. He doesn’t say much it, but when he does it is honest and very well thought through and in his mind what is the best for the pack. He is no leader but a servant, but that doesn’t mean you can push him around it takes a lot to get on his bad side and if you do he will try to mend the rift for the good of the pack. The packs wellbeing is his main concern and he want more than anything to help, and doesn’t mind doing different tasks as long as the job gets done. Still very young he hasn’t found his voice or place in the pack, but he is always respectful to his seniors and those of higher rank. Track is very religious and believes in The One, in his mind he owes his life to the Great Spirit and it is now his quest to his true purpose in life and serve Him and Aryn as best he can.

Pre-Group History: Born and raised to the far north of the vale territory, up where only the top crust of the earth thaws in the summer. Track is the oldest of son of a couple young inexperienced of loners. The first winter prior to his birth was particularly hard and the inexperienced couples den wasn’t dug very deep and on the edge of another packs border. But the young couple was in love and though they were invincible so they didn’t care, not until 8 months after Track was born, the young family was finally discovered by the resident pack. This far up north the alpha did tolerate anyone feed of his territory so he killed them all or so he though… Track ran and thus survived, he got a gash from his chest down his abdomen. It slowly healed as he ran south and he only survived on small prey. At his lowest he saw his mother in a vision (or hallucination) telling him that he would be all right and the Great Spirit would watch over him and guide him to his new home. He found Aryn.

Group History: (This comes through RP! Keep a log of your interactions, drawings, points, etc here).

Other: Anything else you’d like to add.
Jon Snow by ThomasBlack1
Jon Snow
this is an older drawing on paper which i digitized, I have been working on Jon for the past three day, so please give me some feedback:)

I went crazy playing with some texture you can see the results here as I couldn't decide which one was the best ;)
Dunkle Schicksal Packen The Boss by ThomasBlack1
Dunkle Schicksal Packen The Boss
for :iconstray-city:

 The Boss or just Boss
Gender: Female
Age: 5
Rank: Omega unless she could fit in
Breed: Great Dane
Sexual Orientation: Asexual
Mate: N/A
Altered: Spayed

Height: 32'' (81 cm)
Weight:125 lbs (56.6 kg)
Color/Patterns: Cream/white (albino)
Body Structure/Particular features: Tall and strong, with a broad heavy chest, straight muscular legs and strong neck. Ears are cropped and erected blue-ish grey eyes and, pink nose and pad with brown speckles. Deformed s-shaped scar from chest to abdomen.
Although she she a calm and collected demeanor, she possessed such a strong and overbearing presence, the can discourage most from attacking her.

Personality: (Must be 150 words minimum) The Boss is a strong silent giant. She doesn't say much. She is reliable, trustworthy and dependableShe is loyal and kind, underneath her hard impenetrable exterior her maternal instincts are hidden. She is a soldier by heart and mind even though that she has never been a fighting dog, if you win her over you will have a soldier, protector and friend. She is haunted by the ghost of her mate and he is always with her, in heart and mind and it is unlikely for her to ever find another, but that doesn’t make her unkind to others. She is a great teacher but hasn’t had the chance to try yet. She has a great temper and doesn’t anger easily, she only becomes aggressive when the circumstances require it.  She will fight for and defend her pack from anything or anyone if given the order, and will most likely not question the motifs but don’t lie to her you will anger her and that you do not want to do.

Strength: (Minimum of 5)
-Strong. physically and mentally
- Good fighting technique 

Weaknesses:(Minimum of 6)
-Untrusting towards humans.
-Reserved (the past is the past)

Pre-group history: (What is their background? 200 words minimum)I was happy once. It was love at first sight when I saw the little human came running at me with arms wide open and smiles reaching his little round ears. He chose me out of all my siblings. Life was good then, the day I was brought home, but things changed. I grew quickly, too quick for them. I played with the little human but it was too rough, they locked me in and I tried to get out. It was too much for them. They gave me up, to some human place with other dogs. it wasn't a nice place. They cut my ears with shears, they saw my sizes and wanted to fight me, I didn't want to fight. They hit me and poked me with iron and sticks I got mad. There was another Great Dane like me there. He was beautiful. Black. Calm unless he was in the pit, he took me in taught me to fight. We spared. Fought and loved. When the humans found out I was pregnant and with whom, they took my babies! They cut me open with crude knives and took what make me a woman and discarded it like it was trash!

We had enough, we ran before I had my first fight in the pits. We found sanctuary in the woods. We found peace for a while until one day Sorrow was out, I heard a roar. I ran to him found him battling a grizzly, I tried to help but I was knocked out and when I came around the bear was at the bottom of the cliff and Sorrow was lying motionless on the ground, the bear had broken his back. He begged me to end his life, so I did. It was my duty to him.

I was on my own for a while, I blame what happened on the human, the only happiness I truly felt was with other dogs of when I was fighting for my survival.

Group History: 

Relations: (I would love to rp her joining the pack)
Extra: Motto: Loyalty to the end.


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