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Dunkle Schicksal Packen The Boss by ThomasBlack1
Dunkle Schicksal Packen The Boss
EDIT: I rewrote the pre-group history

for :iconstray-city:

 The Boss or just Boss
Gender: Female
Age: 5
Rank: Omega unless she could fit in
Breed: Great Dane
Sexual Orientation: Asexual
Mate: N/A
Altered: Spayed

Height: 32'' (81 cm)
Weight:125 lbs (56.6 kg)
Color/Patterns: Cream/white (albino)
Body Structure/Particular features: Tall and strong, with a broad heavy chest, straight muscular legs and strong neck. Ears are cropped and erected blue-ish grey eyes and, pink nose and pad with brown speckles. Deformed s-shaped scar from chest to abdomen.
Although she she a calm and collected demeanor, she possessed such a strong and overbearing presence, the can discourage most from attacking her.

Personality: (Must be 150 words minimum) The Boss is a strong silent giant. She doesn't say much. She is reliable, trustworthy and dependableShe is loyal and kind, underneath her hard impenetrable exterior her maternal instincts are hidden. She is a soldier by heart and mind even though that she has never been a fighting dog, if you win her over you will have a soldier, protector and friend. She is haunted by the ghost of her mate and he is always with her, in heart and mind and it is unlikely for her to ever find another, but that doesn’t make her unkind to others. She is a great teacher but hasn’t had the chance to try yet. She has a great temper and doesn’t anger easily, she only becomes aggressive when the circumstances require it.  She will fight for and defend her pack from anything or anyone if given the order, and will most likely not question the motifs but don’t lie to her you will anger her and that you do not want to do.

Strength: (Minimum of 5)
-Strong. physically and mentally
- Good fighting technique 

Weaknesses:(Minimum of 6)
-Untrusting towards humans.
-Reserved (the past is the past)

Pre-group history: I was happy once. It was love at first sight when I saw the little human came running at me with arms wide open and smiles reaching his little round ears. He chose me out of all my siblings. The family, who had adopted me, was military and already owned my father. My father was a war dog and had served with the Master of the house abroad. He was good to me, but also kept me in a short leash even when I was still a puppy. When I was old enough the Master began to train me as a service dog to replace my father when the time came. When I was one I was send abroad with the Master as a military service dog, I was not supposed to be in combat, but one day what was a routine patrol in a small village, became an ambush and a firefight. An RPG went off right in the middle of the unit and I lost consciousness. When I woke I was in a small cage that I could barely stand in. My ears where gone, they had cropped them! It was the enemy! The enemy of my Master, I didn’t know what had happened to him but I knew I had been taken. They had cut my ears with shears, they saw my sizes and wanted to fight me, I didn't want to fight. They hit me and poked me with iron and sticks I got mad. There was another Great Dane like me there. He was beautiful. Black. Calm unless he was in the pit, he took me in taught me to fight. We spared. Fought and loved. When the humans found out I was pregnant and with whom, they took my babies! They cut me open with crude knives and took what make me a woman and discarded it like it was trash!

We had enough, we ran before I had my first fight in the pits. We found sanctuary in the woods. We found peace for a while until one day Sorrow was out, I heard a roar. I ran to him found him battling a brown bear, I tried to help but I was knocked out and when I came around the bear was at the bottom of the cliff and Sorrow was lying motionless on the ground, the bear had broken his back. He begged me to end his life, so I did. It was my duty to him.

I was on my own for a while; but I found the American camp and was recognized and shipped home to my family, but I wasn’t who I used to be I had lost my Master and was sadden even more by the new that my father had passed away in the year I was gone. One day a year after my return, the young boy of my family was being bullied be the fence of the garden and something snapped in me and bit the brat threating him badly. I knew I was wrong and I knew I wouldn’t be allowed to stay, so one night I jumped the fence.

I blame what happened on the human, the only happiness I truly felt was with other dogs of when I was fighting for my survival.

Group History: 

Relations: (I would love to rp her joining the pack)
Extra: Motto: Loyalty to the end.
Voiced by: Lori Alan

SCP: 2

NOTE: Boss had five pups, it is possible to draw and adopt them as a character in game. Dad can be found here:
(if interested contact me, I have a say in personalty and names)

Dagsworth Maestro Pack Voin by ThomasBlack1
Dagsworth Maestro Pack Voin

for :iconstray-city:

 Voin (russian for Warrior)
Gender: Male
Age: 6
Rank: Omega unless he could fit in
Breed: Caucasian Ovtcharka/Central Asian Ovtcharka
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Mate: N/A
Altered: Intact

Height: 32'' (81 cm)
Weight:200 lbs (91 kg)
Color/Patterns:  (Dark brown) Seal with white front toes. ( I have no idea of to do colors right)
Body Structure/Particular features: Ears and tail are docked and his right eye is missing scars all over the place. Voin is rugged in type with big bones, a large chest and wide back his forelimbs are long, straight and densely boned and have powerful shoulder muscles. The paws are large and heavy, with hair between the toes, providing excellent insulation and protection, just as his coat is thick and provides protection from cold and injuries. 

Voin has a personality to match is looks. Rugged and solid. Brave and hardy. Bred to solve problems, it is independent minded, strong, brave and responsible. He is a large but agile dog, sometimes described as a cat in dog's clothing. With its strong guarding and territorial instincts he is a winner to have on your side. He may not be your typical Ovtcharka anymore; he has outgrown the need to dominant and aggressive and he has slowed down with age even though he is not old yet. Sensitive and smart, Voin responds best to someone who can inspire loyalty while also providing strong leadership, he has no wish to lead, but if he feels that the leader is inadequate he will tell them in no uncertain terms. He is a family man at heart, it is in his natures, but he hasn’t had a chance to show it yet, in secret he longs to find a family but they must be worthy. Should his family be threatened he will protect it with is life, he will stand his ground and not back down no matter the cost. Voin is a survivor, he is stubborn as hell when it comes to surviving, being it torture or starvation he will hang in there just to spite fate or you.

He does very well with other animals as he is a herding dog.

 (Minimum of 5)
-Strong. Physically and mentally
-Thick fur.
-Hard working.
-Survival Expert.

Weaknesses:(Minimum of 6) 
-Soft spot for children.

Pre-group history: I don’t remember much from my puppyhood, it seems so long ago. Let me see if I remember, arh yes. 

I was born in snowy mountains, in a small human village. As far as I remember I liked it there, there were little humans and other pups to play with. One would call it a carefree life, I grew, I played, I ate, life was simple. I were still a pup when they took me out hunting, I still remember the feeling of the first hunt, the thrill. We found a large boar sow with young, as the hunters and other dog kept her occupied I was confident enough to go for the piglets, I shouldn’t have. As I approached the male returned and attacked me, I lost my eye in the fight but I was saved, and considered somewhat of a hero for bringing it to the attention of the humans that there was another boar. I remember to humans getting worried and there had been conflicts about hunting territories, with neighboring villages and even smaller fights, but now they were worried about an attack. One night it came out of nowhere, the humans were on horses with rifles and torches. The village burned, we all, fought dog against dog, human against human. In the end no one won and I was sole survivor. My family was gone and my home was destroyed so I left.

I walked for what seemed like eternity, only surviving but eating snow, I kept on walking till I was physically not able to anymore, I thought it was the end, but someone took me in. I must have been closer to one of the larger cities than I realized because I woke up in a cardboard box with food in front of me and a little boy peeking at me from the door. He fed me and nursed me back to health, cared for me and in turn I protected him and his family, from wild dogs in the city. It wasn’t safe for children to play outside so I became the neighborhood watch and received much affection.

A pack tried to invade my territory, I was young and cocky and felt like I owned the world so I decided no one should Attack my home and live to tell the tail. I found the leader and demanded that if I beat him in single combat the pack would find someone else to pester. The Leader was a big dog like myself, Volgin, with much shorter fur. He agreed to the terms and we fought, I learned the hard way not to be so trusting, as I was winning the whole pack attacked and tore into me. I was left at the edge of their territory as a reminder to others not to mess with this pack. I was humiliated, hurt and couldn’t return to my new family so when I were feeling a little better I started to wander. I found other strays that had dealing with this pack and felt that they were being treated unfairly and I found out they had to pay to be protected and be in the vicinity of the city pack territory. We made a pack and a pact, to remove the tyrant and divide the city equally; the pack grew quickly as word of our mission spread others started to join.

We quickly became enough to challenge the pack and so we did, but we gave them to opportunity for all of the members of Volgins pack to leave and join us before we would attack. That didn’t sit well with some in my pack, but it was decided. This was honorable single combat me and him and I won gaining me control of the city dogs, I created a council of lead dogs and divided the city equally amongst the generals, so that each had a water supply and places to get food. I would stay in each district for a week and move on to the next. It worked for a while but some of the generals became greedy, but I refused to give them more land, it was a done deal. One general was particularly unhappy, Zero. I was making my rounds in a neighboring district when I found me, and he was not alone. He wanted control, and tighten the grip on the districts all information should go through him. I my eyes he wanted to be a tyrant he disagreed, I fought as best as I could, but was dumped in the river. A young female found me a week later miles out of the city, she didn’t recognized me, she told me a story. The old leader of the city would a betrayed them, but Zero save them city from the tyrant and had claimed ultimate power. I stayed with her for a while, Eva and we became close. We moved away from the city and traveled far.

As we traveled I became a father to three pups. Three boys, I hunted was we traveled, big game and small. We even crossed the ice when the boys were big enough. As we reach the main land Eva had gotten very sick so we stayed near the outskirts of a human village, were we scavenged for food. One day when I returned they were gone, the smell of dogs and humans were overpowering, they had taken them from me. As I searched I found their smell by the butcher’s house and heard the unmistakable sound of rifle shots, one, two, three… four.

I was enraged, I crashed through the thin wooden wall into the stables, and started to kill anything in my path, in my frenzy I didn’t recognize the smell of bear. I came face to face with a white bear with cubs, she was bigger than anything I have faced before but that didn’t stop me. She beat the living daylights out of me and when the humans came, they took be for dead and dumped me out side of town.

Again I found myself alone, in the wild and without a family. So I wandered south and now you know my story.

Group History: 

Relations: (I would love to rp him joining the pack)
Voiced by: David Hayter

NOTE: Voin had three pups, it is possible to draw and adopt them as characters in game. (if interested contact me)
Eva and their children are alive.

Tom and Tara
This is an older piece that I haven't uploaded... I have forgotten why now but here it is and since my recent uploads have been animals have some human love :D

My character Tom (which my id is named after XD) and my wife's Character Tara.

I should really draw Tom more he doesn't get enough love from me XD but hopefully there should be some more in the furture 
x-aki  is hosting a free YCH, you must be a watcher to get chosen but all the rules are here:

FREE YCH (2) - OPEN by x-aki

x-aki  is hosting a free YCH, you must be a watcher to get chosen but all the rules are here:

FREE YCH (2) - OPEN by x-aki



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